Daily Zen List

10 Websites to Teach You About All Things Space

by Johnny Webber

1. Solar System Tour — An interactive tour of the Solar System.

2. WTFNASA.com — Find out about all the cool things NASA has done to make your life awesome.

3. TuurLievens.net/planets — Learn facts about the planets.

4. OMGSpace.net — Space is big.

5. Stars — Browse the nearest 100,000 stars.

6. PlanetHunters.org — Contribute to the search for unknown planets.

7. LiveFromSpace.com — Follow ISS as it orbits around the globe.

8. My Solar System — Simulate your own solar system.

9. APOD — NASA’s astronomy picture of the day.

10. HowManyPeopleAreInSpaceRightNow.com — Find out how many people are currently in space and who they are.

  • September 17, 2014